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JADE Beach Health Club & SPA Services Menu

Happy New Year friends. Today is the second and I’m writing today to briefly describe SPA and Health Club services at JADE Beach Sunny Isles. The amenities are almost completed with the Health Club and SPA ready for new owners enjoyment. The Health Club is relatively small however there are 3 separate rooms including weights, cardio and yoga with each weight training piece being ideal for an overall full body workout. With the use of TechnoGym™, your workout will be among the latest in virtual personal training with an identity card showing your weights, repetitions and workout progress as each workout advances.
Technogym™ is a world leader in the design of fitness equipment for fitness facilities, hotels, spas, rehabilitation centers, corporate gyms, universities, professional sports facilities, private homes and beyond. The fitness center here at Jade Beach is proud to be using this equipment and promises that you’ll fall in love with it.

Jade Beach Health Club

Jade Beach Health Club

  • WS Key System- this technologically advanced feature allows you to store customized workout data as well as wirelessly connect with any piece of Technogym™ equipment
  • Records Training Results and downloads them to the facilities central computer
  • Waterproof and Impact Resistant
  • Automatically Starts the equipment with the correct personalized settings
  • Guides Users through each exercise in their training session
  • Unique and fun way to use facility services
Jade Beach Cardio

Jade Beach Cardio

 Looking directly over the Atlantic ocean, there is a small cardio room with treadmills, stair steppers, bicycles and elliptical trainers. In the adjacent weight room, you’ll find free weights and computerizes Technogym™ plus a great cable system with very smooth movement offering a full body workout. Moving west to the private rooms you’ll find a large yoga studio with Pilate’s and additional classes.
Jade Beach Yoga Room

Jade Beach Yoga Room

JADE Beach Health Classes include:
  • Sunset Yoga by the Pool– Enjoy a relaxation blend of yoga moves while enjoying the beautiful Jade Beach sunset.
  • Hatha 1– An exhilarating class designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility and concentration while reducing stress.
  • Ashitanga Yoga– Power Yoga incorporates traditional poses to stretch and strengthen muscles. Instead of resting between poses, the postures are linked in a continuous series, known as Vinyasa flow. The result is an intense, head to toe workout for all levels.
  • Pilates Mat– Lengthenand strengthen the body using the core muscles of the abdominals and back.
  • Kickboxing– A multi level cardio class using martial arts and boxing movements.
  • Strength Conditioning– This class is designed to help strengthen all of your major muscle groups with simple athletic moves.
  • Core & Stretch-This class will take you through a guided series of stretching exercises to help improve flexibility and joint range of motion. While working on your flexibility you will also be working on your core to help strengthen, flatten and tone that midsection.
  • Boot Camp-Back to the basics workout to build stamina and strength. Will include a combination of pushups, crunches, squats, jump rope, and drills to work the entire body.
  • Fit Dance-This high energy dance class combines funky rythms with choreographed movement.
JADE Beach SPA Menu

JADE Beach SPA Menu

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