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JADE Beach Condo Sales, Stats & Inventory for June 2009


 What’s new in June… JADE Beach Condo rentals total 30 available ranging from $2,600 (B-Line) to $9,500 (E-Line SE Corner). Nothing per MLS has rented or sold with 32 Jade Beach condos for sale (13% Inventory is considered as healthy) and 13 that have now expired from the market. Jade Beach condo values range from $520,000 (B1-Line) to $4.5M for a 2-Story JADE Penthouse (H-Line). The average price per square foot is now at $665 psf (1% decrease over last month) with a high at $887 psf and a low at $467 psf. Note: There are NO bank owned or any short sales available in JADE Beach.

 There are a select few Jade Beach condos priced under $500 psf with the NE Corner #4008 (E line) still in the lead. I’ve been showing it as much as possible along with others such as the A-line in which the biggest complaint is the master bedroom on the west side of the building. There are only 2 units reflecting being completed with one as wood and the other reflecting porcelain (?) tile and wood in the bedrooms. Please don’t let me buyers see wire closets in Jade!

 This weekend I met with great buyers currently renting at La Perla  and JADE Beach was the number one on their initial short list. They were looking for a 3-4 bedroom and I knew they had great taste after requesting to see JADE. I picked 8 of the best condos available along  Sunny Isles Beach with the goal to educate them on buildings, values and deals.. so here’s what unfolded. After a day of looking at the best buildings, Jade Beach was unimpressive other than PH-H (asking $4.5M) which was a fluke in showing and not even in their price range. Their number one choice was Trump Royale based on an incredible 3,000 SqFt unit (1 of only 6) priced at $1.9M ($630 psf) with a master bedroom the size of most living rooms and a closet the size of most dens. The second on the list was a 2-Story Tower Suite with rooftop deck at Trump Palace ($824 psf) which had a few unique factors such as allowing nightly rentals (with great income potential) at an estimated $1,000 night. Third on the list came to Ocean 4 ($505 psf) which has gone through major renovations with an owner who has spent $300,000 on interior upgrades and has never lived in the condo! All 3 are highly motivated and 2 are distressed sales with 2 major buy factors standing out among the rest… either completely finished and/or special unique factors such as a spiral staircase leading to the master terrace with inevitably high ‘jacuzzi tub’ views of the ocean.. other factors included a master bedroom the size of a living room and a closet the size of most dens. 

 This photo above is the newly completed JADE OceanI’ll have an inside tour soon so I’ll be able to share the finished product with you in an upcoming blog post. They must have received their TCO by now with what appears to be 2 for sale ranging from $1.450 (B2-line) to $1.9M. Yes, very excited on JADE Ocean but rumor has it the interior lobby of JADE Beach is superior…?! How can you beat the JADE Ocean flow through pool and the oceanfront entryway? Very enticing and soon to be one of the most desirable developments along the FL coast. The truth is in the numbers 1.888.383.7326.

Thank You for Reading!