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JADE Beach Condo Sales, Stats & Inventory for July 2009

Jade Beach Swimming Pool  What’s new in July at JADE Beach & JADE Ocean Sunny Isles.. It’s mid month and I’ve delayed reporting on the stats & closings as things are finally moving including resales, developer defaults and inside trading. I just sold a JADE Beach B2 Model at a phenomenal price from where they once were and where other owners are still hopeful as this sale will be a developer default (MLS resale prices start at $899k) closing at months end. They are now over 85%+ sold at Jade Beach so there are a few remaining 2+ bedroom units at discounted pricing.

JADE Ocean did get the TCO

and closing have started on lower floors upwards with 30 closings and very few Jade Ocean Condo resales so farfor sale on the MLS. The building reminded me at first of Icon South Beach with Alice in Wonderland meets Jetsons styled designs. The front entryway on the ocean side was unique and the pool is arguably the best along the Miami Dade Beaches. Jade Ocean also has a larger gym than Jade Beach with twice as much space while Jade Beach still boasts a better lobby with the flow through design opening to wide ocean views.

Still impossible to enter Jade Ocean with a camera, the concierge team is definitely on the ball and there to cater to any request.

Jade Beach July Condo Stats

show 30 rentals with rental values ranging from $2,600 to $9,500 while 3 condos are Pending Rental and 4 actually rented over the last 6 weeks with Rented values ranging $2,700 (B1 model) to $3,850 (A model). There are 32 Jade Beach condos (13% Inventory is considered as healthy) for sale with 1 MLS resale under contract as a B1 in which “I’ve heard” is selling for just under $500k. MLS resale values range in asking prices from $520,000 (B1 Model) to $2.995M (E Model). The majority of buyers seem to find the very best deals through the developer as default units. Statistics reflect the average asking price per square foot at $667 for a 1% Increase over last month. We will soon have additional sold stats reflecting here as “life” is happening and the JADE Beach building is now home to happy condo owners. Both JADE Beach & JADE Ocean buildings ARE FNMA approved and considered healthy by lenders.

Jade Beach Front Entrance


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