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JADE Condos Sunny Isles Trophy Penthouse Sky Lofts

JADE Beach & JADE Ocean have a few select trophy Penthouse condos remaining. These magificant sky lofts are comprised of 2 story with larger than average terrace space. There are only 2 (mirrored) units of each line such as 2 C2’s (44th Floor), 2 D2’s (44th Floor), E2’s (44th Floor), G’s, H’s (46th Floor) & I’s (48th Floor) for a total of 12 premier “sky lofts.” The sale prices have ranged from $2.3M to $7.6M and the average price per square foot is over $900psf with a record high over $1,139psf. Today there’s a Jade Beach Penthouse priced at $4.499M (5br/6.5bath) while Jade Ocean has a Penthouse (C2) priced at $2.7M (3/3) plus a few developer units worth the attention.

Are they worth it? You be the judge but they are extraordinary & rare.. Here’s the smallest Jade Ocean Penthouse C2 with the last photo from a D2 JADE Ocean Penthouse which boasts a flow through floor plan offering the best of both East & West views.

Jade Ocean Penthouse Glass

Jade Ocean Penthouse Sky Loft

Jade Ocean Sky Loft Penthouse KitchenJade Ocean Penthouse West Views D2

JADE Ocean Penthouse | JADE Beach Penthouse

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