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JADE Ocean Photographs Released

Hi friends.. JADE Ocean just released the latest sneak peek photographs for your review. I’m still aiming to get in for my own photography tour to share with you but they are not yet permitting me! Activity has been STRONG.

JADE Ocean East Entry Driveway

Jade Ocean Driveway

JADE Ocean Lobby finished in Fendi

Jade Ocean Lobby

JADE Ocean Spa Services

Jade Ocean Spa

JADE Ocean Theater Room

Jade Ocean Theater Room

JADE Ocean Children’s Room

Jade Ocean Children Room

JADE Ocean Restaurant Catering Room

Jade Ocean Catering Room

JADE Ocean Tea & Coffee Room

Jade Ocean Tea Room

JADE Ocean Yoga Studio

Jade Ocean Yoga Studio


JADE Beach Condo Sales, Stats & Inventory for July 2009

Jade Beach Swimming Pool  What’s new in July at JADE Beach & JADE Ocean Sunny Isles.. It’s mid month and I’ve delayed reporting on the stats & closings as things are finally moving including resales, developer defaults and inside trading. I just sold a JADE Beach B2 Model at a phenomenal price from where they once were and where other owners are still hopeful as this sale will be a developer default (MLS resale prices start at $899k) closing at months end. They are now over 85%+ sold at Jade Beach so there are a few remaining 2+ bedroom units at discounted pricing.

JADE Ocean did get the TCO

and closing have started on lower floors upwards with 30 closings and very few Jade Ocean Condo resales so farfor sale on the MLS. The building reminded me at first of Icon South Beach with Alice in Wonderland meets Jetsons styled designs. The front entryway on the ocean side was unique and the pool is arguably the best along the Miami Dade Beaches. Jade Ocean also has a larger gym than Jade Beach with twice as much space while Jade Beach still boasts a better lobby with the flow through design opening to wide ocean views.

Still impossible to enter Jade Ocean with a camera, the concierge team is definitely on the ball and there to cater to any request.

Jade Beach July Condo Stats

show 30 rentals with rental values ranging from $2,600 to $9,500 while 3 condos are Pending Rental and 4 actually rented over the last 6 weeks with Rented values ranging $2,700 (B1 model) to $3,850 (A model). There are 32 Jade Beach condos (13% Inventory is considered as healthy) for sale with 1 MLS resale under contract as a B1 in which “I’ve heard” is selling for just under $500k. MLS resale values range in asking prices from $520,000 (B1 Model) to $2.995M (E Model). The majority of buyers seem to find the very best deals through the developer as default units. Statistics reflect the average asking price per square foot at $667 for a 1% Increase over last month. We will soon have additional sold stats reflecting here as “life” is happening and the JADE Beach building is now home to happy condo owners. Both JADE Beach & JADE Ocean buildings ARE FNMA approved and considered healthy by lenders.

Jade Beach Front Entrance


JADE Beach Sunny Isles Lobby Photos Just Released

JADE Beach Condos Sunny Isles… What an amazing lobby!

Jade Beach Sunny Isles lobby

Jade Beach Sunny Isles lobby

Today there are 14 rentals at JADE Beach ranging from $3,800 to $12,000 month and 21 JADE Beach condos for sale ranging from $669,000 (1,000 SqFt.) to $2.450M (3,211 SqFt.)

Jade Beach Meeting Areas

Jade Beach Meeting Areas

  If your interested in owning at JADE Beach Condos, contact me today for great pricing on available condo residences including the trophy JADE Beach & Ocean Penthouse and other amazing Sunny Isles Real Estate. or toll free 1.888.383.7326

JADE Beach Health Club & SPA Services Menu

Happy New Year friends. Today is the second and I’m writing today to briefly describe SPA and Health Club services at JADE Beach Sunny Isles. The amenities are almost completed with the Health Club and SPA ready for new owners enjoyment. The Health Club is relatively small however there are 3 separate rooms including weights, cardio and yoga with each weight training piece being ideal for an overall full body workout. With the use of TechnoGym™, your workout will be among the latest in virtual personal training with an identity card showing your weights, repetitions and workout progress as each workout advances.
Technogym™ is a world leader in the design of fitness equipment for fitness facilities, hotels, spas, rehabilitation centers, corporate gyms, universities, professional sports facilities, private homes and beyond. The fitness center here at Jade Beach is proud to be using this equipment and promises that you’ll fall in love with it.

Jade Beach Health Club

Jade Beach Health Club

  • WS Key System- this technologically advanced feature allows you to store customized workout data as well as wirelessly connect with any piece of Technogym™ equipment
  • Records Training Results and downloads them to the facilities central computer
  • Waterproof and Impact Resistant
  • Automatically Starts the equipment with the correct personalized settings
  • Guides Users through each exercise in their training session
  • Unique and fun way to use facility services
Jade Beach Cardio

Jade Beach Cardio

 Looking directly over the Atlantic ocean, there is a small cardio room with treadmills, stair steppers, bicycles and elliptical trainers. In the adjacent weight room, you’ll find free weights and computerizes Technogym™ plus a great cable system with very smooth movement offering a full body workout. Moving west to the private rooms you’ll find a large yoga studio with Pilate’s and additional classes.
Jade Beach Yoga Room

Jade Beach Yoga Room

JADE Beach Health Classes include:
  • Sunset Yoga by the Pool– Enjoy a relaxation blend of yoga moves while enjoying the beautiful Jade Beach sunset.
  • Hatha 1– An exhilarating class designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility and concentration while reducing stress.
  • Ashitanga Yoga– Power Yoga incorporates traditional poses to stretch and strengthen muscles. Instead of resting between poses, the postures are linked in a continuous series, known as Vinyasa flow. The result is an intense, head to toe workout for all levels.
  • Pilates Mat– Lengthenand strengthen the body using the core muscles of the abdominals and back.
  • Kickboxing– A multi level cardio class using martial arts and boxing movements.
  • Strength Conditioning– This class is designed to help strengthen all of your major muscle groups with simple athletic moves.
  • Core & Stretch-This class will take you through a guided series of stretching exercises to help improve flexibility and joint range of motion. While working on your flexibility you will also be working on your core to help strengthen, flatten and tone that midsection.
  • Boot Camp-Back to the basics workout to build stamina and strength. Will include a combination of pushups, crunches, squats, jump rope, and drills to work the entire body.
  • Fit Dance-This high energy dance class combines funky rythms with choreographed movement.
JADE Beach SPA Menu

JADE Beach SPA Menu

 If your interested in owning at JADE Beach Condos, contact me today for great pricing on available condo residences including the trophy JADE Beach & Ocean Penthouse and other amazing Sunny Isles real estate. or toll free 1.888.383.7326

JADE Beach Condos of Sunny Isles Showcase (Model E) Residence

 JADE Beach Model E Unit. I seem to recall the designer being Steven G… Any truth to this? This is Fortune’s brilliantly designed JADE Beach E Line (floor plan below) model unit found in the with over $800,000 in renovation detail and upgrades! An amazing JADE Beach condo and unfortunately, it’s already sold! The buyer worked out a win win deal with the developer and should be extremely pleased with one of the best finished condos in JADE Beach Sunny Isles.

JADE Beach Model Kitchen

JADE Beach Model Kitchen

JADE Beach Model Dining & Living

JADE Beach Model Dining & Living

JADE Beach Model Den

JADE Beach Model Den

JADE Beach E Line Floor Plan

JADE Beach E Line Floor Plan

 The JADE Beach E Line is found on Floors 22 to 42 with the JADE Beach Penthouse floors 43, 44, 45 and 46. If you own at JADE Beach or JADE Ocean and would like to sell, I ask you to preview and interview with me on an effective global marketing plan. This authority site is still rough around the edges yet quickly gaining in top search engine positioning and will be the ideal worldwide showcase site for your JADE Condo Listings. If your thinking of becoming a new successful owner of JADE Beach real estate then contact me for today’s great JADE Beach Condo Deals including 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms. To subscribe to this new JADE Condos Miami resource, use the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed or have emails sent after each JADE Blog posting, use the controls found in the upper right corner. For more information, call us toll free at 1.888.383.7326 or email at

Welcome to the new website and the Jade Condos Sunny Isles Beach Blog.

JADE Beach Condos

JADE Beach Condos

  I’m thrilled with what has been accomplished here in Sunny Isles Beach and passionate about the new JADE development on Sunny Isles Beach as you can tell from this site. Comprised of approximately 500 luxury oceanfront condos, JADE Ocean & JADE Beach are above the top, beyond the norm and simply an amazing addition to South Florida real estate. This new site and JADE blog will showcase weekly progression on all aspects pertaining to JADE Condos Development in Sunny Isles Beach. Everything from closings and great new inventory to sales statistics and amenities, bargain condo deals and the like. If your looking to buy in JADE Beach or JADE Ocean take a look at the inventory here with LIVE MLS plus LIVE CHAT and let’s secure you a great deal and lucky owner! If your looking to sell or rent your Jade Condo then you’ve come to the right place. This is the new JADE Condo authority site & resource so when you’re ready to sell your JADE Beach or JADE Ocean Condo purchase, I’m ready to set records. Let’s get started on an excellent sale. Use this site as a valuable resource for anything related to JADE Sunny Isles Beach. Welcome to the home of and let me know what you’d like to see in upcoming weblog & vodcasts by commenting on this blog post or emailing me direct at Thank you for checking in today and make it a productive one! PS. Don’t mind the dust as the sites brand new and being built out! Stay tuned though for expertise and an in depth review of JADE Condos Sunny Isles.