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JADE Ocean Photographs Released

Hi friends.. JADE Ocean just released the latest sneak peek photographs for your review. I’m still aiming to get in for my own photography tour to share with you but they are not yet permitting me! Activity has been STRONG.

JADE Ocean East Entry Driveway

Jade Ocean Driveway

JADE Ocean Lobby finished in Fendi

Jade Ocean Lobby

JADE Ocean Spa Services

Jade Ocean Spa

JADE Ocean Theater Room

Jade Ocean Theater Room

JADE Ocean Children’s Room

Jade Ocean Children Room

JADE Ocean Restaurant Catering Room

Jade Ocean Catering Room

JADE Ocean Tea & Coffee Room

Jade Ocean Tea Room

JADE Ocean Yoga Studio

Jade Ocean Yoga Studio


JADE Ocean Building Walk Through

Jade Ocean Lobby

 Hello friends.. I’m anxiously awaiting permission for proper JADE Ocean photography but had to get this teaser out tonight. The iPhone took this picture of the Jade Ocean lobby today during my very first walk through. Finished in Fendi furniture and A LOT more to report here soon on all aspects of Jade Ocean condos. I met with a great NJ couple who were reviewing their A Model unit.. The floor to ceiling walls of glass made for a very impressive living area with perfect South East views of the beach, Sunny Isles pier and with a solid setback from JADE Beach next door allowing open coastal views. The big picture is that it is in a league of it’s own for those wanting uber modern & new. Very interesting cutting edge design and I’ll have the proper photography posted here soon.. Have questions? Let’s chat here by leaving a coment for all to read, privacy via LIVE Chat on the JADE condo site or you can always reach me at 1.888.383.7326!